Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Amazing coming back!!

Hello to everyone!!
It has been a hard year for me and Danielle,a year of changes and challenges.I got to University and Danielle just finished her last year of highschool,so we are kind of getting back to normal,especially with our blog.We were kind of really busy this year with all the studying,but we finally decided that we should write more on our blog,because that is the thing that we really love to do and soon we will get more exciting posts.
So,for our amazing coming back,we have some photos from the photoshoot that we made earlier with my dear friend.It was really interesting,because we wanted to make it more fun,trying to make some weird faces that were kind of scary,but also kind of fashionable.The outfits we picked were simple and refreshing,perfect for summer days.We decided to not be too hard with the looks,just to represent ourselves the way we are.So,I can say that we are very proud of what we did and hope that you will enjoy watching us,because we will come back with more amazing posts!!


With love,
Danielle and Anneliese. <3

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