Monday, October 29, 2012

Creepy freaky boom!!

 Halloween is coming soon.We are all excited to get prepared for it,choosing the best creepy,but cool costumes and decoration our house with a lot of fabulous things.I think Halloween is one of my favourite holidays,because I like everything about it,especially the misterious and scary stuff.I don't think that I believe in phantoms or vampires,but I am really fascinated and inspired by these creatures.So,because fashion is my number one passion,but at the same time I like Halloween,I thought about mixing my 2 passions.So,I thought about wearing different things inspired by Halloween and freaky stories.You don't have to look like a strange person,you just have to wear weird,but fashionable things,like spider bracelets or rings with skulls,different tops with a strange print like a balck cat,a vampire or skeleton.So,have fun and get freaky!!

Wish you a Creepy Happy Halloween!!
Love you,

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