About us :)

  Firstly,I should admit that it is kind of really hard to describe yourself,but I will try to say the most important things about me and Danielle that will probably help you to know us better.So,we are friends from childhood for about more than 10 years,living in neighborhood and studying in the same school.In our free time,we spend the time walking,having fun,making photos,reading and listening to the music.We are just two girls who want their wishes to come true.So,we never give up even if the path to success is with many obstacles that can bring us down.We don't take life too seriously,even if it's complicated,trying all the time to smile when we are hurt and continue our way.Also,we like to travel a lot and hope that we will visit some day a lot of countries.
  We were in love with fashion for a long time,but never thought about having a blog till last year.This idea came to us at the same time,kind of amazing that we think in the same way.We are not so different,because we like almost the same things,so we are kind of like soul mates. :)But,we certainly have different styles.
  However,our blog helps us a lot to express our feelings,thoughts in just the right way.But,we are definetely not aiming only for fame and whatsoever.We want to help other people by giving them advice.We love a lot what we do and that is the most important thing.:)

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