Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Maxi skirt Revolution

   I am just in love with the maxi skirt.It is so versatile.You can wear it in so many different combinations and in different seasons.It can be worn in spring,summer and autumn and make your every outfit look stylish.Changing the accessories and mixing it in different ways,you can travel from the casual,edgy style to the elegant,glamorous one.You can even play with the colors to make just amazing combinations.

 So,here are some ways to wear the maxi skirt:
1.Wear it with a tshirt or a tank for a casual look..You can also add some accessories,like a hat and a pair of heels to look a bit more sophisticated.

2.If you want to be feminine,but also edgy..you can try to wear the maxi skirt with a pair of sneakers.

3.The fall season for the maxi skirt is definetely not a problem.Try to wear a denim or a leather jacket with it and a pair of boots and the problem is solved.

Or you can use a sweater with it for a casual look..you can also add a hat or a scarf.

4.Mix different colors to make your outfit look original and interesting...totally catching the eye.
With love,


  1. You have provided zero information on how or where to purchase ANYTHING here. What good does this do anyone???

  2. nice work i liked everything