Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Get inspired from Taylor Swift!!!

   I know that maybe there are a lot of Taylor Swift's fans or people who like her that read our blog.I actually love her a lot.She is gorgeous and her songs are totally awesome.But,what I like more about Taylor is her personality and her original style.I think that she is in love with the vintage style,because she is always like using old,but fashionable pieces that are a part of vintage,like pleated skirts or vintage necklaces.She is like a star from the old Hollywood.I think that her style is original,simple,but very feminine.

Here are some tips to get inspired from Taylor's style:
    1.Feminine dresses with flower print

          2.Feminine headbands

      3.Red lipstick

            4.Stripped tops or sweaters

           5.College jackets

        6.Red pants

       7.Color blocking

     8.Polka dots

    9.Cute sweaters

      10.Prints with cats

            11.Elegant look


Hope you loved it and got really inspired...
Love you all,

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  1. She is totally an inspiration