Friday, September 13, 2013

The Leather skirt

  Autumn...The weather is changing so much at the same time with our mood.We all want the summer to come back.However,in autumn you are not done with all the fun.It is the perfect time to do a lot of interesting activities,to experiment with your style.Even if the colors in our wardrobe are changing,that doesn't mean that we can't still mix different patterns and play with the colors or styles.
 So,my new favourite item for autumn is the leather skirt.Maybe that's because I see in it the edgy part.I simply adore to mix soft,feminine items with edgy things.It just describes my style.So,the perfect part about the leather skirt is that it can be used in different outfits.You can wear it with a blazer to look more sophisticated or with a band tshirt to be more rock chic.It all depends on your style,mood and imagination.It can be easily worn with a feminine blouse,with a sweater or a simple top.You can also use different colors to make your outfit more colorful.It is the perfect solution for those who wanna have a simple look,but also complicated at the same time.You can wear it even at an important event or at a crazy party.

With love,

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  1. do you know where the 9th picture got the outfit from its soooo cute i want it or at least the link so i can browse for it