Monday, September 16, 2013

The Fall Jewellry

 It's autumn,but fashion is changing every day more and more.We create our outfits with imagination using different items and the most important are the jewellries.Personally,I use them in my every look without pushing the limits.I think that they complete every outfit perfectly and make it more interesting,complicated.

So,for jewellry lovers,here is a collection for fall:
 The statement necklaces
They are the most important accessories in this autumn.They can be worn for a sophisticated outfit or for a casual one,with a white top and a pair of jeans.It all depends on your style and situation.

    The ear cuffs
The new jewellry items that came in this season are the ear cuffs,that practically cover all your ear lobe.If before they were specific for the punk style,now they can be used in different outfits and for different events.

    The chain necklaces
The new trend is also the chain necklace.Associated recently to a rebel rock style,the chain necklaces are the must-have of this season.It can be worn with a white classical shirt,a pair of jeans and a leather jacket.

  The geometrical necklaces
If you are looking for jewellries that will make your outfit look more interesting and sophisticated,then you must use the geometrical necklaces.They can be used in an office outfit and are perfect for women who love simplicity.

  The statement rings
They are also in as the statement necklaces.The cool fact about them is that you can find a lot of funny,interesting models for every look.

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