Monday, October 1, 2012

Let it shine!!!

 I like a lot the light and the sun,because in this way I feel happy and free.I like to see things that are shining and are spreading love and happiness.I am not the kind of girl who will wear everything that shines or lots and lots of jewellries,but I am in love with studs.I think I am the casual rocky girl,but in an elegant manner.I just love the rock style,that's why I like studs,but I also keep my feminine style.I think that studs are cute and perfect for every outfit.They can make a simple and boring outfit look more rocky and cool.Studs can be used everywhere,like on jeans,tops,jackets and skirt.If you don't have anything with studs,you can buy some and make your own item with them.It will look much better and original if you do it.So,enjoy and have fun!!

Sincerely yours,

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