Saturday, November 17, 2012

Neutral style

The new neutral is bold and chic, and when worn head to toe, it's a definitive style statement that all co-ed ladies should be incorporating into their closets. 

The Calvin Klein Spring Fashion Collection for 2013, designed by Francisco Costa, concentrates with an entirely neutral color palette. Black, white, cream, light sand -- these are the hues from the Calvin Klein line for spring 2013. There was nary even a pop of color to liven things up a bit, but, of course, neutral colors always work in fashion whether a woman wears only neutrals or mixes them with other hues.
Cuts tend to be closer to the body than they were for fall 2012 at Calvin Klein when the hourglass shape was featured, and many skirts were much fuller than they are in the spring runway styles. Semi-fitted or fitted clothing is a better choice for petites than garments with a lot of design ease because there is less fabric to add bulk, making petites look thinner and taller.

I personally think that it is a very underrated color, you don't go crazy for it when you see it but the more you wear it the more you like it and trust me, you may end up really loving its neutral complexity.

It has brown undertones but it is not so brown that it limits you to brown friendly colors for clothing. 
It is more of a cool toned rusty pink than brown when you wear it, but then again, it is not really a pink.
Even though it looks more brown than pink and beige in most pictures, I would still define it as a
non yellow very very deep beige, that is on the edge of both pink and brown color schemes. 
What is amazing is that while being such a complicated color, it manages to stay neutral.

Chanel Délicatesse is a nail polish that has chameleon qualities depending on the lighting and on what other colors you put next to it.
My picture below is a good proof of how greatly it can change, it almost looks like a dusty pink next to my jeans.


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