Friday, August 24, 2012

Fashion has no Age...

       Coco Chanel said:''Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.Fashion is in the sky,in the street,fashion has to do with ideas,the way we live,what is happening.''So,it's true.Fashion is not only about clothes,it is about our ideas and behaviour.We can't say that fashion is related only to the famous people and the world they are living in.We are those who create the fashion every day.The way we walk on the street,breathe,speak,listen,act or smile determines our fashion sense.It doesn't matter how old are we,where we live or work.We can create our own style the entire life and make it different from others. 
    However,nowadays people try to hide themselves and never show their true face and personality.They think that being like somebody else is better than being different.We are afraid of challenges,because we are afraid to try something new and show ourselves just the way we are.Sometimes it is really sad to see women who dress up in clothes that are not exactly for their age or wearing a wrong makeup that make them older than they are,but who are not even trying to express their own personalities,feelings and feminity.Why people think that if you get older,you have to dress up like a granny.Where has gone the beauty,feminity and freshness??When you treat yourself with respect by taking care of yourself and showing your true personality,you will be loved and followed by others.Even if you get older,you can still be the same.You can always dress up with elegance,style and freshness.Even if you are 40,you can still wear a cool tshirt with a funny print or an elegant black dress that shows perfectly your body shape.Forget about the clothes that will make you to look older than you are and have no personality,worn by a lot of women who don't have their own style.Get inspired from different fashion magazines and try more,by mixing different styles.The same thing is referred to children and teens.Don't be afraid to mix colors or trends,just be yourself.Even parents should know that the way they dress can affect their kids too.Don't dress up your children with kitschy clothing,because in future they will wear the same clothes.Try to dress them up with the clothes you think you can wear,which may be simple,elegant and stylish.Just try to ask them what they like and pick the clothes for them together.Finally,all I can say is that fashion has no age.It depends on us how we see ourselves and how we want others to see us.Don't be afraid of challenges.Just mix styles and be trendy no matter how old are you.
      Here are some examples that will guide you what to wear no matter how old are you:  Eva Longoria(37)

 Cindy Crawford(46)

 Jessica Alba(31)

 Leticia Cyrus(54)

Suri Cruise(6)

 Selena Gomez(20)

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