Saturday, September 22, 2012

A collar's softness...

   School already started.The lessons are sometimes boring and the weather is not even better.We are getting in a bad mood every day and don't know how to make our lives to be more interesting.Maybe we should have a little more fun and never forget that everything will be cool when we believe in it.However,I wanted to talk about something else.Because the weather is getting worse every day,we don't know what to wear just to refresh a little.The boring dark colors are exhausting us.Even if we are wearing a beautiful and elegant shirt,we are not feeling better.Well,I think it is the time to bring some color and magic to our outfits.So,for that we need imagination and patience.I think that every detail in an outfit is important.That's why the perfect detail that will make our outfits look cuter will be a collar.Actually,that is an well-known trend that got in fashion and which is used nowadays by a lot of girls.Yeah,maybe some will think that a collar will not make the difference,but if it used correctly,it will bring your every look to the highest level.The collar is elegant,feminine and simple.The best point in it is that you don't actually need to buy it if you can't.You can make your own original collar with some beads or studs.Use your imagination and you will see how cool you can be.

Sincerely yours,

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