Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blazer Elegance...

  The elegance is the symbol of feminity and good taste.Every woman is like a flower that should blossom every day.For that,she needs a good attitude,taste,dignity and elegance.A woman should be elegant every day,even when she walks on the street,goes to shopping or spends the time with her friends.I think that elegance is the main proof of beauty and feminity.However,for that women should do big efforts and work a lot on their personalities.But,that is not all.Fashion is also important in making a woman beautiful,because in this way,a woman finds her own style and also her personality type.One of the most elegant and feminine,but that can be also edgy item of clothing is the blazer.It can be used with many things like feminine shirts or cool Tshirts if you know how to combine it.You can wear it at work,school,date or for a walk.All you need is just some accessories,a pair of shoes and imagination.The blazer can be worn in an elegant manner or in an edgy one.Here are some examples:

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