Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sexy in polka dots!!

When it comes to fashion,what goes around comes around.Fashion is all about risks and attitudes.You don't have to be perfect just to be admired and loved.Fashion is about following your own style and taste,without being afraid to try something different.Like Coco Chanel said:''In order to be irreplaceable,one must always be different.''That's why we shouldn't be afraid to travel through time.That's why I wanted to talk about a trend that I like a lot-the polka dots,that are perfect for making your style original and interesting.Flirty,retro and whimsical,it is brought like a style befitting every age.For every girl and woman,polka dots are a fashion must-haves.They are a classic style that have evolved right from their appearance on Minnie Mouse to today's glamorous and popular designs on runways and red-carpet events.Big,medium or small-sized,polka dots suit everyone.You can try them with different styles and items.Don't be afraid to take risks.Just enjoy!!What do you think about this trend??

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