Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bohemian Love!!!

 Every one of us is different.We have different tastes,interests and styles.That's why we are all so unique.I love almost all the styles that exist in the fashion world,but I am in love with the bohemian style.I think that it represents me a lot.It is so free and misterious.In the fashion world,bohemian,or boho,refers to a state of mind regarding fashion that is individual,romantic,and free-spirited.This style is often called hippie-chic.There are a lot of celebrities who have an influence on bohemian style like Vanessa Hudgens,Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen,Sienna Miller,etc.Bohemian style is all about mixing things together.However,the most important thing in the bohemian style is individuality.You should try to bring something new and personal.Also,pay attention to the details.From long and layered necklaces,berets and head scarves,belts,moccasins,cowboy boots,and sequined vests,it's all about the small things.Here are some ideas:

                                                                Sincerely yours,

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