Monday, November 19, 2012

Travelling in the universe...

  The world is amazing.All the things that surround us bring in our lives the happiness,love,faith and protection.The universe is full of mistery and beauty.All we should do is just look around and discover all the magical places,things that God gave to us.I actually wrote this post,because I want all the people to see that the greatest beauty is in the small things,which are a part of the entire universe.I think that the cosmic world is not just something that should be discovered by scientist,it is also a source of inspiration.A lot of poems,drawings,stories were written about the universe.Also,in the fashion world,the cosmic world is a source of inspiration.The cosmic print can be found on pants,shoes,necklaces,shirts,tanks and even dresses.All you need is attitude and a lot of courage,because the craziest the mix between styles is,the coolest is the outfit.So,try it on!!

With love,

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  1. where can these be purchased? specifically the dress, shoes, and shorts