Saturday, September 15, 2012

Make your own magical boots!!

Get rid of your simple and uninteresting boots and try to make a pair of new cool boots just following my instructions.
  Things you will need:
- a pair of boots
-acrylic craft paint in pink and gold
-reusable adhesive stencils
-2 one inch foam brushes
-a plastic plate

  What you need to do:
1.Place the stencil
 Cover and protect your work area and clean off your boots.Remove the backing from one of your stencils,and place it along the side of the laces.Press the stencil.

2.Dab pink paint
 Pour a small amount of pink paint onto a plate and lightly dip a foam brush in it.Dab the brush on the side of the plate.Gently dab the inside of the stencil with your brush.

3.Peel stencil
 Carefully pull the stencil off the boot while the paint is still wet,and gently place it below where you painted the first stencil.

4.Repeat stenciling
 Fill in the stencil with paint just as you did the first.Repeat,carefully moving the stencil until you reach the bottom of the laces.After you reach the bottom of the row of laces,rinse the stencil,wipe it with a paper towel,and replace the backing.

5.Overlap new stencil
 Once the paint has dried,place a stencil between your top 2 stencils,overlapping each of them slightly.

6.Fill in stencil
 Fill in the stencil with gold paint.

7.Repeat gold stenciling
 Repeat your gold stencil between each of the pink stencils,overlapping the pink with the gold,along the side of the shoe.

8.Stamp the other side
 Repeat this pattern of stamping on the other side of the shoe.

9.Place a large stencil
 Remove the backing of a large stencil,and place it over the toe cap of your boot.

10.Fill in the large stencil
 Instead of a foam brush,use Q-tips to fill in alternating sections of the large stencil with pink and gold paint.
So,here you have the new cool boots.Hope you like it.
Sincerely yours,

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