Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Smile and shine!!

 I just love seeing people's smiles.They just make me happy,because I start to think only about the positive things and enjoying life.A smile is beautiful when it is honest and comes from the bottom of our hearts.I think that there is nothing that can make a woman be sexy than a beautiful smile.Actually,the idea to write this post came from my best friend D.She always knows how to make me smile,even if I don't want to.However,a smile is not only cute on a face,because it can be cute in everything,especially in fashion.Is it strange??No,I don't think so.Why shouldn't we bring the smiles in our clothing too??If we can't see a lot of people smiling on the street,we can see the smiles on their clothing.Smiley Tshirts,shorts or earrings worn by somebody can really make our day perfect.If you are not in mood today,you can wear an item with a smiley face on it.So,enjoy life and smile a lot!!

Sincerely yours,
Anneliese. :)

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