Saturday, October 13, 2012

Flying to your dreams....

  There are a lot of people inspired by fashion or art,but there are a few who have the courage to show their talent to the entire world.You don't have to be the most beautiful ,creative or talented person to share your ideas.It is well-known that many famous people had crazy ideas and nobody understood them until their skills were considered by others special.So,if you want the world to know what you think,you should just tell it and reach your dream.Me and my best friend D. were the same until we got the idea to create a blog just to help people with advice and write about the things we like.But,we worked a lot and we are proud about what we've done.However,there are a lot of many other people who do the same thing.We are extremely happy that they are not afraid to tell the world about the things they like.
   However,this blog is about fashion and I would like to post a beautiful look that I found on a blog.I liked it a lot and I hope you will like it too.The look is fresh ,chic and a bit wild.Personally, I just love the scarf and the hat a lot ,and the ring is actually amazing.They just rock the look.The outfit is just perfect for a walk or for spending the time with your family and friends.So, be creative and brave to try something new.

To get more amazing looks just go on you will find more and more beautiful looks and get useful advice for what to wear.
                                                                 Love you all

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