Saturday, November 3, 2012

Freaky is allowed!!

  Nowadays,fashion is changing constantly.If in the past everything strange and scary was considered a taboo,today if you are not weird and special,you are nobody.Everything that is freaky brings in our lives the mistery and beauty at the same time.The edgy weird look is considered in fashion as a proof of power and taste.I actually am a fan of everything that is different and weird.I like a lot the mix between the feminine,pure style and the edgy,misterious one.So,today I decided to write about the trend that I like a lot,that is actually asociated to me with biology.It is about the skull trend in fashion,that was used a lot by many celebrities.The skull print is used on everywhere from tshirts to leggings.It is edgy,funny and a little bit scary.You can just try it with different things and mix it with different styles.So,try it on!!Don't be afraid to be freaky,because in this way you are different.

Sincerely yours,

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