Thursday, November 1, 2012

xi skin style (Hippy)

Hippies (English Hippie sound free translation) was originally used to describing the western countries in the 1960 s and 1970 s against the political conventions and young people. The hippie commune with  the type and stray way of life to reflect their for nationalism and the opposition of the Vietnam war, they advocate
of traditional religious culture, criticized western countries the values of the middle class. From detail see, heavy and complicated printing and round the waist of the bag, meticulous, relict rough flash, jewelry to deserve to act the role of, etc, are going to be personalized dress expression. From color on look, in the warm color attune red, yellow and orange color, cool color attune of the green and blue will be big
hot. Look from design, in order to show the aesthetic feeling of body curve, women's tight clothing and easy to wear the frivolous fabrics; And men's shirts and even coat is popular the influence of different region amorous feelings, the Hawaiian beach amorous feelings wear into the office is no surprise.
In the early 1960s  was a unique  soon become popular among teenagers.

P.S.Note the beautiful embroidery detail on the crocheted sweater.  The top and sweater were both thrifted.  Just goes to prove...with a little diligence and a few bucks, anyone can afford to buy unique pieces to add to their wardrobe.

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