Sunday, November 11, 2012

Red passion...

  Red is the color of passion.It can bring the action and power in everything.Because it is almost winter and soon we will see around just the pure white color,we need to bring a little color in our lives.So,today i am not talking about clothes,but about makeup.I think that every girl is more beautiful without makeup,but sometimes we just need it.Personally,I am in love with lipsticks.I have a lot of them with different colors,because I like a lot to try something new.However,my favourite lipstick is the red one,because it looks elegant and feminine on every girl or woman.But,it is also really hard to choose the right red lipstick for your skin tone.So,I decided to help you.I thought that it will be easy to explain you if I just talk about 3 skin tones:the fair,medium and dark.

For the fair skin tone,the coraly red lipsticks will look the best,because they will just add a little color but will not overpower it:

For the medium skin tone,anything from true red to pinky-cranberry shades will work well with the golden undertones:
For the dark skin tone,the deep rich colors like burgundy or warm brick will rock the look:
Hope I helped you a bit.So,good luck with choosing the right lipstick!!
Love you,

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