Monday, November 5, 2012

Street style

Fashionistas are the best to find randomly on the streets. You can always recognize one by the way her clothing is combinated . A person with style doesn’t necessarily have to wear designer clothes, but her style has to make sense. A real fashionista can make her look work at any time. These people are stylish, unique and/or creative.
Street dressing is usually very loose, a lot of people like to pack them, another kind of typical of dressing can be basketball clothing and shoes, also with loose for the standard.

Street style is the style based on what fashionable people on the street wear. It’s less polished, more effortless cool. It’s not an exact copy from the magazine but taking trends and turning them upside down, reinvent and reshape and really making it your own.
I think a lot of fashion houses pay attention to what fashionistas are wearing out on the street, they have photographers that take pictures to document what is popular and it is actually the people that inspire and dictate what trends are coming up.

Street Fashion is a type of fashion that is personal to you. It is something that displays your personality but it still highly trendy and cool. It may even be seen as controversial to others.
Street Fashion can be just your own clothes that you have either customised or demolished (if you so wish). I.E. The Harajuku Girls have a street fashion: Japanese Anime is their fashion and they dress like that to a) display their personality and b) show their love for Japanimation and Manga.

- Danielle -

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  1. Very true, your style tells what kind of person you are, it doesn't matter if you wear designer clothes or not.