Saturday, December 1, 2012

Classic style

Only great minds can afford a simple style (Stendhal)

Classic clothing personality/fashion persona is a sign of grace and tasteful style. 
A Classic style is the basis of chic fashion. It has characteristics that appeal to a majority of "neat & tidy" women - especially those who appreciate tailored clothes and accessories. Minimalism, Preppy (ie. Loafers) and Elegant (think Chanel-style suit) style are variations of this fashion persona. Classic style also overlaps with Dramatic and Natural. 

Body Type: Balanced, A or H Frame, mature face and figure and usually over average height.
Face: Average to attractive, symmetrical features, not long, wide or angular.
Hairstyle: Moderate to somewhat short in length, well-groomed, controlled style, smooth, cut usually blunt or some layering.

Clothing: Elegant, refined, fashionable, dignified, clean simple lines, softly tailored or soft flowing, ensemble dressing, not usually mix and match. Never trendy, faddish or severe in style. No crisp, bouffant lines.
Fabrics: Matte finished or low luster's dominate this wardrobe. Look of richness and quality and moderate weights. Refined textures such as silk, soft woolen fabrics, cotton, smooth knits, solid colors best.
Evening wear: Chiffon or elegantly beaded fabrics.
Prints: Evenly placed and easy to look at prints, soft flowing abstracts, hounds tooth checks, herringbone patterns.
Accessories: Refined, elegant, and fashionable. Sleek, slightly chunky, smooth circle or geometric, no angles
Personality Profile: Emotional nature, balanced, controlled and rational. Old fashioned person and home body.
Work Environment: Management or administrative work.


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