Tuesday, January 8, 2013

White happiness!!

   I just love all the seasons,but I prefer a lot winter and summer.Winter is the perfect time for having fun with your friend.So,I decided to write about the time I spent today with my best friend D.Actually,we had a really good time.We laughed and played with the pure white snow.We made a lot of photos to remember about these amazing moments we had.By the way,If you think that falling on the snow to make an angel is fun,you are really wrong....It hurts a lot!!!Ouch!!!!...And the snow is so cold,but is is kind of refreshing.We just played a lot with it.We danced,jumped,had a snow battle and even felt while running.You can really become positive just spending some moments with your friends outside playing with the snow.I think the pure white color makes us happier and better,sharing love with the people we love and respect.So,just don't spend your time on the computer,but go out with your friends and enjoy life!!

With love,
Anneliese and Danielle.

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