Saturday, March 16, 2013

Owl Mania!!!

   Actually,the idea of writing a post about the owl mania came from my good friend,Danielle.We were shopping in the mall and she saw a beautiful pair of owl earrings.I got in love with them.They can match every outfit and make it more fashionable.The owl is the symbol of knowledge and majesty.She is the inspiration of many people and a big trend in fashion.Because I love to wear original and unique things,I made myself a pair of owl earrings.I thought that it would be greater to make them by myself than to buy ones.In every jewelry I look for originality and symbolism,because I am not the kind of person who wears a fashionable thing just because it is a trend.I prefer to wear the things I like than the ones that are trendy.It doesn't matter if you wear cheap or expensive clothes,because if you don't have a style and you are not creative,it won't help you.So be yourself and don't lose your personality.Here are some pics for you to get inspired from the wise owls:

With love,

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