Saturday, August 25, 2012

Living in a fairy tale...

        When I was just a little girl,i always liked to read fairy tales.I was imagining that i am a beautiful princess,who would be soon rescued by her beloved prince.I liked to dress up in fancy dresses and dream about my future life.Even if now i am a big girl who has to be very responsible and think about the important things that should be done in life,i don't forget that i am still a little princess.However,every woman or girl is still a little cute princess.Sometimes we just need to feel weak,but also very cute.Cuteness can be brought in our lives with the romantic style.I think that being romantic,feminine and delicate is not stupid.It is just a way to travel in time and space.Just remember Marilyn Monroe.If you are dreamy and feminine,the romantic style suits you perfectly.Ruffles,pleats,and lace are just some of the whimsy,feminine pieces that can be associated with this fashion.In addition,soft colors and smooth fabrics are typically used with romantic clothing.Silk and chiffon are actually the most common fabrics.You can get inspired from Taylor Swift's outfits.Be pretty and sweet with the romantic style.

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