Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rocking like a Pretty Little Liar...

                     I think that a lot of people watch the Pretty Little Liars TV series and have their own favourite characters.I just love to watch it,but not only because the story is interesting and misterious,but also because I can get easily inspired by the characters' styles.I think that Aria is one of my favourites.She has an amazing style,which is probably very close to me.She is not too girly,but also not too edgy,which is a perfect mix of styles and attitudes.

Get inspired from Aria's style.So,here are some tips:
1.Don't be afraid to mix colors and patterns in an unconvential way
2.Take feminine items like skirts and dresses and make them edgy with lots of accessories
3.Mix basic tops with with jewellry,scarves and waistcoats to get the right layering feel
4.Let your nails do the talking and paint them in a hot color
5.Use earthy and pastel colors
6.Wear tights in different colors and patterns with skirts and dresses

Here are some outfits inspired from Aria's style:

Enjoy and be cool!!
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