Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ethnic mistery!!

   I always liked to be different and change every day more and more,because changes mean maturity and attraction.Sometimes I like to be funny and smiley,always being positive and childish,but another times I like to be serious and look mature.That is why I love changes,that are not only in life,but in style too.It is good to be different through years,because in this way you are searching your personal style.I like most of all the casual style,because it is simple and chic.I really hate being too much.But,that doesn't mean I can't get inspired by other styles.I also like a lot the ethnic style.Because every nation has its own culture,we can easily get inspired by their way of dressing up.It is a fashion inspired from around the world,based on the soft and elegant feel.Ethnic fashion trends are based on colors and varied designs.Many ethnic designs are based on geometrical prints and the dominant colors are balck and brown.You can choose tribal bracelets and rings,leopard or geometrical printed dresses.The ethnic style is perfect to make you look magical and misterious,but also feminine.Don't be afraid to mix it with other styles.

Sincerely yours,

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