Friday, September 14, 2012

Rocking in stripes!!!

  Fashion is all about experiences and changes.Fashion is always like going through a circle and everytime coming back to the start point.So,today I wanna tell you about one of my favourite trends,the stripes.I think that stripes were like always in and will always be,because of the casual and pretty look they give to every outfit.Stripes always reminded me about sailors,most of all about my favourite anime character in childhood,Sailor Moon.However,stripes are not only used for sailor looks,but for a pretty casual or glamorous look too.You can always look chic and trendy with stripes,but you should also be careful how you wear it.Stripes are perfectly good for making a person look taller if he or she is not tall enough.If you want to experience with stripes,here are some ideas for you:

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