Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Techno glam!!!

   Nowadays,the world changes every day more and more.We can do a lot of things without making a big effort.The progress is influencing our lives a lot,especially in technologies.But,that is not a problem,it is a priority for us.We can do many things in an easy way and spend our time with friends or family.Thankful to technologies,we can keep in touch with our relatives and even find out new interesting facts.However,technologies are not good only for communication or information,they are influencing also the fashion world.Weird??I don't think so!!Soon we will wear clothes that will be manipulated by different technologies and we can't change it.So,previously I told you that technology influences the fashion world.The steampunk accessories represent the new and revolutional trend in the fashion industry.They are like a mix between the classy style and the fantasy world.The elegant hats and the vintage accessories are a part of this trend.The bracelets or necklaces represent a mix of technology and vintage pieces.At the first sight,they look weird.But,if you are brave enough to try them,you can be considered very fashionable and original.What do you think about this trend??Personally,I think that it is too weird and extreme.

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