Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to make a heart applique blazer

  School is boring,but we can make it more and more interesting with a cool,but girly handmade blazer.

What you need:
-a blazer
-1/4-yard colored tweed fabric
-1/4-yard single-sided fusible interfacing
-1/4-yard double-sided fusible interfacing
-a piece of construction paper
-fray check
-permanent marker
-an iron and an ironing board

What you need to do:
 1.Fold and cut the paper
Fold the paper in half and cut along the crease.
 2.Fold and cut once more
Place the paper over the elbow of the jacket,and fold it to mark the size of the elbow area.Cut along the crease.
 3.Cut the paper in a heart shape
Fold the elbow-sized paper in half,and draw a half heart over the fold.Cut out the shape,and open to reveal your heart.Place it over the elbow to double-check that it fits.

 4.Trace the heart shape onto the tweed
Trace the heart shape twice onto the ''wrong'' side of the fabric tweed.Cut out the fabric in the heart shape.
 5.Apply the fray check
Working on the wrong side of the tweed,squeeze the fray check along the cut edge of each of the hearts.
6.Trace and cut the interfacing
Lay the thin double-sized interfacing over the single-sided interfacing and trace two hearts again.Loosely draw a slightly smaller heart inside each of these hearts.Cut out the smaller hearts.
 7.Iron the interfacing onto the tweed
Carefully place the single-sided interfacing on the wrong side of a tweeded heart.With your iron on the hottest temperature allowed for your fabric,iron the interfacing onto the tweed for 15-30 seconds or until the two pieces have fused together.
8.Place the interfacing on the elbow
Lay the blazer out so one of the sleeves is flat with the elbow facing up.Place one of the double-sided interfacing hearts over the elbow where you want your patch to be.
9.Iron the tweed heart onto the elbow
Gently place the tweed heart over the double-sided interfacing.Iron for 15-30 seconds,or until the aplique is fused into the place.Repeat on the other elbow.
Now,the blazer is ready.Wear it with pleasure!!

                                                                Sincerely yours,

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