Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Oversized dream!!

 The autumn will be almost gone soon and the weather is not getting better.All we have to do is just to enjoy the last days of brightness and warmth.We already gave up on the colorful and funny summer clothes and are ready for the winter.However,fashion has no age and weather.It shouldn't be warm and sunny outside to be dressed trendy.So,even if we can't wear a cool tshirt or a feminine dress,we can still wear the fashionable oversized sweater.Its messy and edgy look can be easily completed by a colorful scarf and lots of jewellries.The oversized sweater can be worn with everything like skirts,pants or shorts.All we have to add to it is just some accesorries like a beanie or a pair of boots.It will not only look sweet and fashionable,but i will also keep our body warm.Here are some ideas how to wear it:

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