Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lace dress!!

   The summer came and all we have to do is just enjoy having an awesome time with friends or family.I think that summer is one of my favourite season,not only because it means having fun,but also because it is the perfect time to try new ideas of outfits.People in shorts,blouses,tshirts,tanks,skirts and dresses are seen everywhere.Summer just radiates with beauty and freshness.However,my favourite summer item is the dress,but not just a simple one.I like the lace dresses.They fit perfect and look amazing on every woman.The lace dress is the expression of feminity,grace and beauty.It is good for every situation,even if you go on a date or just hang out with your friends.The accessories make the difference.You can make a lace dress look gorgeous for a special night or simple and chic for a walk.Just add some jewelries and a pair of shoes,and you are ready to go.Many fashionistas already made it a trend.So,here are some ideas:

Anneliese <3

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