Sunday, June 30, 2013


  For every girl,prom is an important event in her life.For me,it was like a dream.Even if it was hard to choose the perfect dress and hairstyle,in the end it turned out to be a fantastic evening.At prom,every girl should be a little gorgeous princess,because it is the perfect occasion to make all your dreams come true,it is the end of school and begining of life that leads us to our goals.So,like I said,it was a bit hard for me to choose the best dress,but I decided to make it on my own,literally.I drawn the design of the dress,choosed the color and found the details that will make it look different.Finally,I got an awesome dress without spending too much money and following my own style,keeping my personality with it.I actually may call her an enchanted dress,because it can transform from a long one to a short one,giving me the oportunity to have 2 dresses without spending extra money.So,don't be afraid to experience new things and make your dreams come true.Hard work and imagination will always bring the best results.
Like Coco Chanel said:"In order to be irreplaceable one should always be different."

P.S.Hope you like the dress.I actually liked a lot the design on the bottom,that changes a lot its aspect.

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