Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Fall Essentials

  It's already autumn and we are certainly getting ready for it.The weather is changing and the fashion with it.Unfortunately we can't keep the bright colors of summer with us and the joy of it,but we can still be trendy.Even if everything seems so sad and monotonous,we can still bring a little beauty and brightness in our lives.Autumn is as fun as summer is if you know how to enjoy it.

 So,for those who still want to be fashionable even in these season,here are some basic items that shouldn't miss in your wardrobe:
1.The White Shirt
 The white shirt is a basic item no matter what season it is.You can use it in the office, sport or elegant outfits if you mix it carefully.

2.The Black Dress
The little black dress is always useful when you got a problem with what to wear no matter what.It is an universal item that shouldn't miss in each girl's wardrobe.The best thing about it is that you can wear it even if it is fall or summer and you can use it for different outfits.

3.The Floral Printed Pants
The floral printed pants still have a great importance in the building of a chic outfit.Even if it's fall and the sun doesn't shine so bright,they still remain a basic item in the wardrobe.They certainly bring a little color in your looks.

 4.The Animal Print
The animal print is still the hit.You can easily bring it in your outfits by wearing an animal printed skirt and make an interesting outfit.It is just perfect for the fall.

5.The Leather Jacket
The Leather Jacket will always stay in for the fall season.The good thing about it is that you can wear it with sneakers and jeans or with heels and dresses.

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