Monday, August 19, 2013

How to bring a little color in a White Tshirt

 The white tshirt can look really boring sometimes.You actually wanna wear it,but you don't know how to bring a little color in it,to make the outfit look spectacular.Sometimes,all you think of is just wearing it with a pair of jeans or shorts.But,with time you get bored of the same outfit and want to bring something new in your everyday looks.For this,you shouldn't spend a lot of money,buying new clothes because you don't have anything else to wear.All you have to do is just to find new original ideas,just by using everything you have in your wardrobe.So,at the first sight,you can think that it is really hard to mix a white tshirt with other clothes and have an amazing outfit,but if you think better,you will come up with many cool ideas.So,the first idea is that you can use the white tshirt to have a urban chic outfit,like this:

The white tshirt can be easily used in an elegant outfit too,like in this picture:

If you want to bring a color in it,you can wear a blazer or a cardigan in a bright color and add some accessories to it,like a necklace or a pait of earrings,even a colorful scarf:

But,if you are not a fan of the powerful colors and you want to use soft colors,looking feminine and edgy at the same time,you can wear it with a blazer and a pair of leather shorts:

If you wear it with a maxi skirt and some colorful accesories,you can easily get a bohemian outfit:
Also,you can wear it with a colorful skirt and high heels,perfect for a date or a black pencil skirt and a pair of shoes for work.
So,you can always find a lot of ideas if you just have patience and a little bit of imagination,without spending too much money.
                                                         Hope that i helped you!!
                                                                    With love,
                                                                   Anneliese. <3

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