Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Royal Blue

 Summer is almost over,but I definetely can't get rid of the bright colorful clothes in my closet.I live and breathe with colors, because they make my every day positive and full of joy.However,even if I love each color,I have also favourites,like blue,violet,green and yellow.Because I am Pisces,I am definetely more into the colors of the sea or the sky(Blue).The intense Blue is also on top in fashion,changing totally your outfit and making you look like a diva.It represents the harmony and elegance.Besides the fact that it will bring a little brightness in your outfit,the blue color will also bring peace and kindness in your attitude.You can dress a blue blazer,shirt,pants or skirt...It will all show your beautiful and elegant nature.Even if for some people,blue is a masculine color,I can definetely assure you that it won't be a risk for your feminity.

You can wear a sexy dress and shoes in the same color,like this:

Or you can wear a blue skirt for a more intense effect...It will totally rock your outfit!!

For a more official,but also colorful look you can wear a blue blazer.It will look at the same time proffessional,but not boring for sure.

The accessories and the bags will totally complete with success your original outfits and will make you feel special.

With love,

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