Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School Style:PLL EDITION

  For many of us,school is getting started...So,all the hard stuff is happening now.A part of it is the fact that sometimes is really hard to decide what to wear to school or university.You really wanna look fashionable,but also serious and decent.So,what should we wear in this situation??For this post,I thought that it would be good to steal a style from a TV character..So,for that I picked Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars.Her style is fashionable,but also reserved and proffessional.Even if she is keeping her decency and maturity,she is also not afraid to experiment.She knows how to look trendy,but also acceptable for school.So,if you want to steal Spencer's style,you should know what she likes to wear.

Here are some things that you should know about her style:
1.Mix the masculinity and femininity in your wardrobe.
Try to mix a dainted printed dress with a menswear-inspired blazer,or a pair a mini and textured tights with Oxford shoes.
2.Layer up and play with texture.
By layering and using different textures,you will add attention to every outfit.So,add to your wardrobe more blazers,jackets,cardigans,knee-high socks and textured tights.
3.Remember:preppy classics is your right hand.
So,bows,Oxford button-down shirts,plaid,loafers and nautical stripes are all preppy touches.
4.Wear muted and neutral colors.
For a Spencer like look you should use more muted,neutral or earth tones.Her pallette is totally perfect for fall:mustard yellow,chocolate brown,navy blue,cognac are some of her favourites.

Here are also some inspired looks:

And a video:

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