Sunday, August 26, 2012

Butterfly nail tutorial

Don't know how to make your nails look more interesting??Here is something new for you:

It is not difficult at all but the the result is awesome.You can also use some different colors.If you change the black nail polish with the white one,you will get an awesome day look.The black nail polish look is perfect for going in a club or to a rock concert.I guarantee that your friends will think that you did your nails in a prestigious beauty salon.You can combine your nails with an outfit like this:
Simple and easy to do.All you need is:
2 nail polishes with different colors and patience
These nails are perfect for a casual look:

But,if you want something funny and cute,you can do your nails with an ice cream prin:
The perfect outfit is:
I hope that you liked my ideas and I inspired you a lot.

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