Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Second life!!

   Today I have something new for you.I will teach you how to give your clothes a second life.They will look new,cool and fashionable without making a hard effort.

The Jeans with an original pocket
All you need are a pair of jeans,scrissors and some decorations for clothing

All you have to do is to cut an half of your pocket and distress the edges of the pocket just to give it a ripped look.Then,you need to put the decorations.

But,if you think that your jeans are still not good enough and remind you a lot your old jeans,I will give you another tips that will make them look cool:
1.make a sign on your jeans where you want to make a rip
2.cut the jeans in parallel lines,so that 7 cuts will be enough to make them look like in the image
3. using a needle,remove the threads on the surface and cut the small threads the same thing to another cut

P.S.Don't make them too ripped if you want to wear them many times


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