Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pearl touch...

 I know I haven't written for a while,but today I decided to make a cool post.Because I am addicted to all kind of accessories,I thought that it would be nice to show you how to make your personal accessories without spending a lot of money and also to get a cool and original item.So usually I write about how to diy a bracelet or necklace,but today I decided to go with headbands.Here is an idea of a gorgeous pearl headband.
What you need:
-a plain headband
-velvet ribbon
-pearl beads
-binder clip
-wire cutters
-thin gold wire

What you need to do:
1.Cut the velvet
Cut a length of velvet a few inches longer than the headband

2.Apply the glue
Apply a bit of glue with the toothpicks

3.Press the ribbon over the glue
Press the ribbon over the glue,folding over the inside.Use the binder clip to keep the velvet in place at the bottom end.

4.Cut the wire
Cut a length of velvet a few inches longer than the headband.

5.Apply more glue
Apply glue on a few more inches of the headband.

6.Insert the wire
Insert the wire between the headband and the velvet so it sticks out on one side.Press the velvet into the glue.

7.String the first pearl
String a pearl onto the wire and wrap the wire around the headband so the pearl sits on top of the velvet.

8.Add more pearls
Pull the wire all the way around,then add another pearl and wrap again.

9.Cut and tuck the wire
When you have added pearls all the way to a few inches from the other end,apply more glue,cut the end of the wire,and tuck it in before you press down the velvet.

10.Fold the velvet
Cut the lenght of the velvet with just enough length to fold over to the inside.Fold the velvet and hold in place with the binder clip.

11.The headband is finished
Hope you like it!!

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