Friday, August 23, 2013

Print mixing

  I always wanted to write about print mixing,because it is kind of a hard subject.It is definetely not so simple to mix different prints,having a risk to become a huge disaster.But,there is always an occasion to learn it and try it with courage.Personally,I like the print mixing because it makes your outfit original and for sure not boring.It is a challenge for me and I definetely like to try something new,that will catch the eye.However,in this trend there are also ups and downs.If it is done right,you will for sure amaze others with your cleverness,but if you do it wrong,you risk to just look weird.

   So,here are some rules for how to do the best print mixing:
1.The first rule in print mixing is to make sure that one colour repeats in every piece of the outfit,for example navy paisley with navy,red and white plaid.
2. Then,mix large or bold prints with smaller prints to make a balance.

3.Use accessories to do the mixing and make the outfit look more interesting.

4.Mix neutral prints with prints that pop.So,choose a neutral print and try to pair it with a louder and more colorful one.

So,you can mix the stripes with floral prints,that will totally rock your outfit:

Or you can mix a leopard print with other prints.It will look original and at the same time complicated and interesting,that will catch the eye.

You can also mix practically the same prints with each other.

So,it is not so complicated as it seems.All you have to do is not be afraid to experiment,even if you can fail.Only the mistakes bring us to success.
                                                                        With love,

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