Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Neon Invasion

 I know that summer is almost over but we are definetely not ready for it.We can see it walking on the street,by noticing that people are still dressed in summer clothes,so the season's trends remain the same.Everywhere I go I just see neon.Nails,accessories,clothes or shoes...everything SCREAMS-NEON INVASION!!!Personally,I love this trend but only when it's not too much,because some people really don't know how to not pass the barrier.It is fashionable and original when you see somebody wearing neon,but when it's used in everything,you can get to look like a clown.So...just a bit from everything to make it perfect...I can say that I most of all love the neon nails..They are so funny and colorful..totally making my day.

 So,for those who love neon,I got some ideas for their outfits:
If you want to not wear neon from head to toe,but to use it just a bit for your outfit..just to add a little can wear some accessories,a pair of neon shoes that will totally give something special and fresh to your look.

Or you can wear a neon skirt with a top and add some accessories...The outfit will look simple,but also will attract the eye.

 For those who are risky in their choices..the mix between neon and neon or neon with prints will totally be rocking.

The neon pants are also funny...They can make every outfit shine.So,wear peaceful colors with a pair of neon pants to add your look a bit of interesting,like Jessica Alba did.

With love,

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