Thursday, August 29, 2013


   Say hello to our new favourite accessory: the wristwatch. Yes, really. This old-school essential is having a serious moment. 
    No longer just about the tick-tock, there are patterns, plaits, and diamonds to get excited about, too. From classic to modern and ultra-ultra cheap, the timepieces on our wish list that will make youwant to beat the clock. 

   We have compiled a collection of wrist watch trends for 2013 to help you in the process of choosing a fashionable wrist watch for yourself. Let your eyes gleam with desire as you take a look at each and every fabulously unique piece and update yourself with these lovely styles and designs of wrist watches. Keep Time Fashionably with these top 10 wrist watch trends for 2013.

1. Gunmetal Watches 2013

Gunmetal watches are a rage among wrist watch trends for 2013. While the trend may seem a bit masculine, gunmetal watches are popular among both, men and women. The grey glossy finish that these watches have, make them very elegant and eye catching pieces.
A must have for watch lovers to adorn your wrist. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have it.

2. Ceramic Watches 2013
While gunmetal watches portray the fierce woman inside you, ceramic watches say romantic, cute and girly. If you’re looking to portray your feminine side, ceramic watches are the latest trend in women’s wrist watches. Ceramic watches are available in vivid colours, however, white and pink are sort of a rage among women. While black ceramic watches are available too, they closely resemble gunmetal watches. Ceramic watches have a casual and trendy street look.
This kind of watches are my favorites. :) 

3. Rose Gold Watches
Rose Gold Watches are some of the most elegant choices for formal dos. The look and feel of the color of rose gold and the intricacy with which this metal is used in watches, make it a very pretty sight. This is the kind of watch every woman will fall in love with at first sight, no matter which brand manufactures it.

4. Bracelet and Bangle Styled Watches
The bracelet/bangle styled watch gives you the look of a bracelet and the convenience of a watch, both in one. Grace your hand with this trendy and clever watch trend and let people keep wondering, “Is it a watch or is it a bracelet…. Wow, it’s both!”

 5.Sporty Wrist Watch Trends
Below you will see a few of the more casual/sporty type watches which are sure to be a huge hit in 2013.Sport watches are a huge hit with the people who would live a more active lifestyle.

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