Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The trendy milkmaid braids

 Hairstyle trends are always changing.But,we are always looking for easy,but absolutely gorgeous hairstyles.So,this fall,milkmaid braids are in top.They are not hard to do,perfect for even a special occasion and also the best cure for a bad hair day.Actually this hairstyle reminds me of the Russian culture.Women used to do it a lot in the past,but even in the present,maybe as a reminder of their special culture.However,I think that it is really trendy and mysterious.A lot of celebrities were seen on the Red Carpet wearing it fashionable,like J.Lopez,Vanessa Hudgens and Nina Dobrev in her recent photoshoot for the Cosmopolitan magazine.
The milkmaid braids elegant and girly ,bringing naturality in your look.

So,here is a nice tutorial for you that will really help you to get this awesome hairstyle:


And some pictures:

Also,here are some pictures from Nina Dobrev's Cosmopolitan magazine photoshoot.I just love how the outfit matches with the hairstyle.Considering that Nina is bulgarian,the milkmaid braids are totally in for her.

With love,
Anneliese. <3

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